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    No Glasses Required

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    Mark Resources is an Authorized
    Dimenco Displays Reseller

    Autostereo in Medicine, Science, Signage and Oil & Gas (Seismic) Exploration

    Authorized Dimenco Displays Reseller


    Mark Resources, LLC is a San Francisco based software development / system design and integration company involved in the development of autostereoscopic 3-D (AS3D or Glasses-Free 3-D) imaging systems and content. Autostereoscopic displays are the next evolution in consumer home entertainment systems and the current evolution in high-end digital imaging systems for medicine, science and big data. People enjoy 3-D stereoscopic viewing, but they don't enjoy using the glasses.

    It's time to cut free to a true 3-D experience. Allow Mark Resources to assist you with all of your 3-D and autostereoscopic needs.