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About David Mark and his company Mark Resources

David Mark

David Mark is the founder of Mark Resources, a San Francisco based company which specializes in the creation and production of stereoscopic and autostereoscopic imagery for science based applications encompassing Physics, Biology and Genetics, Medicine, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.

Mark Resources holds patents in the areas of 3D stereoscopic optical design, as well as in scalable computer systems and their adjoining algorithms tailored for real-time large scale projection of high resolution, multi-perspective 3D imagery, including QuadHD formats, viewable on a variety of 3D displays including autostereoscopic displays. Such displays do not require the use of stereo glasses to perceive 3D imagery, facilitating the use of the newest tools for 3D video codecs and OpenGL graphics acceleration for 3D content.

Mark Resources also designs and fabricates both stereoscopic and autostereoscopic camera devices, which function at various scales and formats for live action 3D video content, operating in conjunction with autostereoscopic displays that reproduce this imagery in real-time format, preserving the high resolution capturing capabilities of the camera systems. As the company’s founder, David Mark’s own specialties are derived from his 25 years of experience as a stereographer, optical scientist, and computer engineer and C++ programmer, bolstering his company’s expertise in the construction of super computering systems that are geared toward the highest level of 3D performance attainable for the most rigorous scientific use. Many of these systems have been utilized in public, commercial, and laboratory venues, and have also included Mark Resource’s patented high resolution 3D hard copy color printing capabilities that reproduce autostereoscopic data sets into large hard copy, full color transparency prints recorded at 8000 DPI, the highest in the industry, that display holographic quality 3D imagery bonded onto microlens sheets.

Mark Resource’s enterprising 3D work also addresses the specific needs of scientific research establishments in their pursuit to adapt and transform their research data into an autostereoscopic display format that enhances their abilities to further mine their data pools more efficiently. New methodologies in acquiring and viewing data specifically for high resolution 3D displays of this nature is the cornerstone of Mark Resource’s work, making use of the latest advances in image processing and customizable optical image acquisition devices.

Scientific Affiliations

SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering)

AGU (American Geophysical Union)

SID (Society for Information Display)

The Planetary Society

National Stereocopic Association

The Fluroscent Mineral Society