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  • Autostereo Content Creation & Conversion

    Autostereoscopic content creation or conversion for a variety of 3D formats

    Mark Resources provides 3D autostereoscopic conversion services for a variety of image acquisition formats, and can accommodate various classes of autostereoscopic display devices and systems, and such imagery is transmittable via the internet for all available resolutions. Mark Resources also has conversion services for either right and left stereo content, or for imaged video data that is motion based. Such converted autostereoscopic image sets can also be prerendered and displayed or transmitted in a variety of formats and 3D display screens as small as cell phones, or as large as 72 inches, including autostereoscopic video walls.

    High Resolution 3D Printing

    Through the lens lenticular printing for Holographic Quality 3D prints

    Mark Resource's software algorithms have been adapted for the world's most advanced 3D printing process known as "through the lens" lenticular printing, which yields the highest holographic quality in lenticular printing. Such printing has the capacity to print as high as 300 lines per inch, delivering full color 3D lenticular transparencies as large as 3 feet by 4 feet, with as many as 50 views

    Large Scale Projection

    Large Scale Cinematic Projection

    Since 2004 David Mark has carried out over 7 large-scale public video projections onto San Francisco's Coit Tower with collaborator Ben Wood.

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    3D Digital Signage Installations

    Airport Display Systems

    For clients like British Airways, Mark Resources built the worlds largest contiguous video wall at JFK Airport, which has included real time animations and streaming video travelling continuously over the entire video wall's 100 foot span, positioned over the ticket counters in the main entry way of Terminal Building 7 at JFK Airport. Mark Resource's 3D digital signage system has the versatility to do autostereoscopic signage that combines either local control or remote web based text information sent from servers and overlayed onto 3D graphics, and is viewable from a variety of locations. Various types of media existing in 3D space may be used or reconstructed live onto the displays. Such displays may also function interactively for the observing visitor, implemented in autostereoscopic mode, and may be modified for a specific site or region, giving the advertiser full control for a multitude of 3D screens. All screen resolutions, stemming from small handheld devices up to 4K or 8K UHD displays are accessible, with available customized formats, integrated with the central operating environment. For emergency management monitors, autostereoscopic visualization using digital signage becomes a life saving tool for the saftey manager, enabling him to convey critical information in 3D mode expeditiously to large number of viewers within view of the signage displays.

    3D Air Traffic Control

    To View the Stereo Image Cross Your Eyes to Merge the White Dots.

    High Resolution Multiview Photography

    Panoramic high resolution 3D camera imaging

    A specialized 3D camera imaging system mounted on either a linear or curved stereo base is capable of recording wide field stereoscopic imagery with no moving parts, integrating numerous perspective views simultaneously in digital mode for producing high resolution full color 3D prints, including transparencies. Such prints would exhibit hundreds of perspective views in this manner, all captured within the same instant in time. High Resolution Fluorescent Mineral Scan

    3D Scientific Visualization Analysis

    Utilizing scientific visualization tools for 4K and 8K UHD Autostereo Viewing

    Mark Resources patented software and hardware integration tools enable the world's leading scientific visualization programs to function in full autostereoscopic mode at resolutions reaching 4K UHD (3840 X 2160 pixels), or higher 8K UHD (7680 X 4320 pixels), incorporating real-time interactivity with groups of users. Such systems make use of multi-GPU programming languages, including parallel processing GPU features developed through CUDA from Nvidia.These software programs have been adapted for High Resolution Autostereoscopic Displays by Mark Resources.

    Mark Resources also facilitates implementation of the high resolution autostereoscopic features for various research programs and will help you configure your 3D data to run on these types of displays.

    Autostereo Optical Design for 3D Video Cameras

    Leading the Way in 3D Optical Design

    Mark Resources is a leader in the development of optical design for real time image acquisition in autostereoscopic 3D format with major collaborators such as SRI International, pioneering a new CCD/CMOS sensor device which is curved instead of flat. This new type of sensor design enables wide field 3D panoramic autostereoscopic image acquisition with no moving parts.

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