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    Industry Solutions

    Medical & Scientific Imaging

    Autostereo in Video and Real-Time
    Take advantage of Glasses Free 3-D viewing to examine complicated medical data sets such as those obtained from a CT-Scan or MRI imaging session. The wide viewing angle and multi-view technology allow a number of people to view the display in 3-D. The display can operate in 2-D or 3-D mode depending on the content being viewed. Utilize our 50" Ultra High-Definition (QFHD) display to visualize details that were hidden in the data up to this point.

    Gas & Oil Exploration

    Autostereo in Video and Real-Time
    Visualize your seismic data in 3-D to more easily find the location of voids where precious resources await. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring depth to the picture in a comfortable 3-D viewing experience without the need for 3-D glasses.

    Digital Signage

    Autostereo in Video and Real-Time
    Digital signage that stands out. These displays attract attention! There is no better way to get eyes on your signage. A study prformed by the Uiversity of Tilburg in 2011 found that the increased amount of view-time from autostereoscopic displays resulted in 45% higher customer attention. All of our displays are designed to operate 24/7 and our multi-view technology allows multiple users to view the display in 3-D simultaneously. The 50" display can operate in 2-D or 3-D mode and our 2-D + Depth format allows you to make maximum reuse of concepts/content from the 2-D world including the ability to stream content to the display from your server. We also provide software to enable conversion of existing content into 3-D autostereoscopic format.

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    Dimenco Displays

    Autostereo in Video and Real-Time